Collect Contact Information to Send Email Marketing

Are you need send mass email to your costumer or advertize something to much email address?   May be you need Email Marketing  System to do.  What is Email Marketing System?

Email Marketing is one of the key successes for all of internet marketers and internet business. Since the internet growing and the online advertisement or online marketing is become more popular.  Using email marketing, we can create high-impact email newsletters and promotions in just minutes and with, it’s easy for us to manage our contact email lists and measure results.

If we want to grow our business, make sure to get Email Marketing system that promotes our business.  But how to use an email marketing system?
If you are a new comer in email marketing system, I suggest  you to read an article about this topic on  There is an article wrote by Andre Wagner explain about how to use email marketing system. He suggested two things to do before applying email marketing system; prepare your database and collect information online.

Preparing your e-mail database
To use email marketing system , you should prepare an email database contains all of email address you will contact.  This step allow you to; organize and view your list data easily, sort your list data into categories to send targeted e-mails, process and keep track of unsubscribed contacts,  and query your list to extract useful information and reports.

Collecting information online
Find any email addresses  on internet to include in your database.  The source of this step can be; Outlook and Outlook Express , Excel, QuickBooks,  ACT!, Goldmine, Access, Eudora, Mac Mail and Address Book

So. are you ready for email marketing system?

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