How to clean your ears with ear candles?

Want to clean your ears without painful consequences? Try ear candling.

  1. Some skeptics say ear candling doesn't work. Most of these people have never used ear candles, or used them incorrectly. My family uses them every year and the proof is in the candle!
  2. Start by gathering your materials. You can do the ear candling by yourself but you'll want a free standing mirror. Cut a hole big enough for the candle to fit through. Use a paper plate. Styrofoam may melt. Position the candle over the ear canal. Light the candle or have a buddy light it. The smoke will soften the wax and the air flowing through the candle will extract the wax out.
  3. Ear candles don't burn like a typical candle. They don't drip wax, they just burn up. No wax will fall down into your ear, so no need to worry. Let it burn down to about 3.5 inches tall. Have your glass of water near by. Remove the candle from the ear and drop into the water.
  4. With scissors, cut the candle long ways. What's inside may shock you. This is your ear wax. Some people have a lot of wax and others just a little. The color can vary from orange to a whiter powdery color. Either way its definately your ear wax. We have a friend who works in auto body. He paints cars and has for years. When he uses the ear candles his wax is actually multi color. The fine paint particles bond to the wax in his ears.
  5. Expect your ears to drain some additional fluid in the next day. Clean any left over residue out with q tips. Be careful not to puncture or jab the ear drum. You may notice better hearing or even fewer ear infections. Don't overuse the candles. Once a year is enough. I wouldn't suggest these on children without your doctor's permission.
Tips & Warnings

    * Use ear candles annually
    * Have a buddy help you
    * Do not use on children with out doctor's permission
    * Do not push any foreign object in ear further than recommended

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