Using Google Docs for saving time

I’d like to present a scenario for you. Let’s say you are a freelance copywriter with many jobs on your plate. You are editing content for web pages, writing your own advertisements, writing brochures for large companies, blogging for small businesses, and you have a few worker bees to take care of some of the lesser work. Now imagine your Outlook, Entourage, or Mail application’s inbox. Pretty scary huh?

You can imagine how complicated your e-mailing experience can be when multiple attachments are sent to and from your computer everyday. Oftentimes we are revising documents and editing them before sending them right back where they came from creating multiple copies on multiple computers. This type of thing stresses many an e-mailer out there and makes it hard to stay organized when things get busy. Google Docs is definitely the fix for this person.

I came across Google Docs and watched their “Google Docs in Plain Language”. To give a quick summary, Google Docs is a remote place on the Internet that is used for storing any kind of document, spreadsheet, or presentation that you may be working with. Instead of receiving and sending multiple attachments everyday, they can be stored remotely and accessed by any user with the right credentials. This can help everyone be more productive with documents that are constantly being pinballed back and forth with new changes each time. Google Docs makes it easy to do this as well with their “add collaborators” feature. All you need to do is add their e-mail to a list and click “add collaborator” and they will now be able to make changes to the document. All you have to do is pick who can view and notify your client, co-worker, or other where it is stored.

For instance, let’s say you are the editor-in-chief for the state magazine of North Carolina. Many of your employees will be sending in all sorts of documents pertaining to the magazine that may or may not need editing. Now if each of these is handled separately via e-mail attachment, confusion will certainly occur but you know better. You are storing these documents digitally with Google Docs and your employees are logging in and posting their work and you are collaborating right there and they are able to see the finished product. How much more efficient and organized is this?

With Google Docs, you can make your e-mail attachment nightmares a thing of the past and start organizing remotely. This will help productivity and the overall stress load for all who are involved. If you haven’t heard of this tool, explore a bit by checking out some videos or tutorials to see if it’s for you. If not, then what’s the big deal? It was completely free just like all things Google.

Source: Codank Web Design

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I love google :)

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